SHINING SONG STARNOVA: IDOL EMPIRE: A New Business Simulation Spin Off Game!


Tough times have come once again for the girls of Starnova! Due to the underhanded machinations of the evil Golden Calf Productions, the girls’ grand live has been cancelled, and what’s worse, their talent agency can’t even afford to pay them anymore!

This time, it’ll fall upon Producer-san to turn this dire predicament around! As the girls’ manager, you’ll have to build your office, re-hire the girls, and of course, get the money flowing back by putting on the greatest lives in the nation!

Do you have the management skills to once again accomplish everyone’s dreams? Now, you must take the reins as Producer-san and save the day!


  • Real time business simulation. Work against time to turn your small idol business into an empire! It’s all about building your office, managing your talents, and MAKING MONEY!
  • The girls are back. Make the seven girls of Starnova into national icons by managing their careers! Train the girls to increase their skills and unlock special abilities. Who knows, maybe if you do a good job, other girls might join Starnova too!
  • Build your office. Build new facilities to train your idols! Not only that, but you can record songs, impress business partners, and even help the girls relax after a tough day of work, all by constructing your own state of the art talent office!
  • Train your talents. Increase your idols’ skills by building training facilities for them! Unlock the girls’ secret ultimate techniques to blast away the competition!
  • Sign business deals. All this training isn’t for nothing! Get the girls signed up for product endorsements, television appearances, live events, and everything else in an idol’s life. But you must balance the needs of the girls and their jobs at the same time! This is where your skills really shine, Producer-san!
  • Keep your talents happy. It’s your duty to protect their smiles! If you mismanage your talents, they might develop illnesses! You don’t want any more bad ends!
  • Battle of the Idols. Get payback on Kamijou and Golden Calf Productions by fielding the best of the best at the Idol Grand Prix! But better watch out! The girls of Quasar are back, and they’re willing to do anything to win!



The captain has crashed the ship, and so the girls of the Sunrider must work as idols to buy a new one?! Help Ava, Asaga, Chigara, Icari, and Sola succeed in the entertainment business with this supplemental DLC pack. Add your favorite Sunrider girl to your idol roster. Pick them as the center of your unit to utilize brand new bonuses. Power up your talent office by unleashing their ultimate techniques. None of this makes a lot of sense, but you asked for it, so here it is!

DLC Sold Separately



  • Real time business simulation game
  • Compatible with Windows PC (Other platforms TBA)
  • Japanese Voice
  • English Text (Other languages TBA)
  • Recommended Age Rating: 15+
  • Standalone Game. Shining Song Starnova not required to run

Available on Steam Feb 20, 2020!